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Gas and Diesel

As an independent provider of mechanical handling equipment Capital Forklifts can supply your business with any make or model of machine to suit your requirements.

Redlift Forklift trucks are a manufacturer synonymous with reliability, quality and affordability. Supplied with a full manufacturer’s warranty the range comprises of three and four wheel electric trucks from 1000kg to 3500kg capacity and LPG/Diesel powered forklift trucks from 1500kg to 10000kg capacity. A comprehensive range of mast size and types are also available along with accessories and attachments.

Since 1983, Red-Lift has been a key brand in the warehouse equipment industry, worldwide.

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Redlift T8 Diesel Forklift

T8 forklift 2-2.5ton diesel forklift   Performance 1. Wide-view Mast The operator is able to work with increased safety and accuracy due to a wider view mast. 2. Adjustable Steering Wheel Steering wheel can be adjusted by a lever on the right-hand side for the most comfortable operator position 3. Simple, Small-Stroke F/R Lever The forward-reverse lever swings through a smaller arc than previous models, meaning less effort and less total time used during this basic, often-performed function. 4. Automobile-Style Light/Turn-Signal Lever The automotive influence seen in the T Series extends to the thoughtful use of an automobile-style light and turnsignal lever, with simple actions that let the operator focus on the job. 5. Wide-Open Operation Space The area between the foot pedals and the body below the seat is open and free of obstructions that hamper entering and exiting the forklift. 6. Easily-Detached Floor Panel One-touch removal of the floorboard gets you right to service operations and reduces down-time. 7. Brake Oil Easy to check and add brake oil 8. Option Special carriage and backrest Other dimension forks Dual drive wheel with fender Cabin Heater and air condition Dual air cleaner or special air cleaner Rear working light. Custom color paint High-mounted exhaust system Middle-mounted exhaust system Sideshifter Other attachment LPG fuel system (single, dual)

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Redlift Rough-Terrain Forklift

Redlift Rough-terrain forklift is a tough, compact forklift with a 2WD system. Based on conventional forklift, but built for rough terrain performance.   Two-Wheel Drive System with great maneuverability. The steering angle is from 43.6°to 70° with very small turning radius. Power shift transmission with torque converter features two (2) pedal inching, brake control and full-reverse. Automatic  differential- lock specifically designed for rough-terrain. Mast: Wide View& Durable 1. 2.5T rough terrain forklift mast width is 1525mm; 2. 3.5T rough terrain forklift mast width is 1600.5mm; 3. Maximum mast tilt angle F/R reaches to 10°/12°

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Redlift LPG Counterbalance Truck

The new generation ‘R Series’ Forklift combines durability and ergonomics to provide unmatched productivity and comfort. Add environmentally friendly, simple servicing and high standards of.

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